Nana Darkoa: A personal brand

Nana Darkoa is a writer, content creator, educator and aspiring international relations consultant. She wanted a unique identifier that represents what she stands for as a creative and assertive person in her fields of interest. This personal brand logo would be used on her content, print material and complimentary card.

To brainstorm, I reflected on the qualities of Nana Darkoa that set her apart from others. It was an interesting challenge coming up with symbols, colour and typography that illustrated her personal traits and professional aspirations – calm and encouraging yet strong, brilliant and vibrant, caring and assertive. Being my first personal branding project, I didn’t really know where to start from.

Art & Symbols: These were some ideas for symbols I sketched for starters – vines, crowns, curves, I didn’t really have a goal in mind.

Typography options that I felt represented the green and orange personality energy mix that Nana Darkoa aligns to.

Asset 14.png

Colour palettes I played around with:

Some logo options (a little too many): These were the options I showed to the client, Nana Darkoa, while cringing through the wait for a response.

Nana Darkoa’s Choice

My personal favourite is the minimalist logo with the symbol with four tiles and this was her favourite option and final choice too!

Logo Art: It has two symbols diagonally opposite of each other: sunshine in an orange square – unapologetically happy with a radiant effect and a crown in a green square – a calm, encouraging and friendly royal. The two remaining squares, in dark grey, house the initials “n” and “d”.

Nana Darkoa Brand ID_icon

Colour Palette: 

Asset 9

Typography: Montserrat Alternates, Extralight weight, lower case letters

Asset 15

Nana Darkoa

Nana Darkoa Brand ID_coloured - white background
Nana Darkoa Brand ID_coloured - black background
Nana Darkoa Brand ID_grayscale.png
Nana Darkoa - Branding Identity MockUp.png

This was a fun project! I hope to build more confidence to be able to post my other projects that are yet to see the light of day.

Why Design.

When I walk into a room for the first few times, my eyes are quick to locate the patterns, or lack of any, on the floor. I make judgments about the ceiling and its simplicity or complexity. I notice the cracks and crevices on the walls, the colors used and textures too. I notice the kind of materials, objects, and spaces in the room and the purposes they serve for that matter. Are they thoughtfully selected or thrown into the space to fill up the void?

Were the sharp edges of the table carelessly positioned without considering the potential harm it could cause to exposed human skin? Probably, no one thought about the possibility of the metallic legs of the chairs tearing up the carpets or the darkened spots and streaks on the wall caused by heads being supported on the walls while leaning back in chairs.

The thought of fixing irregularities in living spaces and my small attempts at this, using an understanding of the needs of inhabitants, delights me in ways I find difficult to express. For a very long period in my life, this is how I translated this: I want to be an architect. That wasn’t the end of it, however. I also had and still have a vested interest in re-creating objects and developing product ideas that are purposeful as well as pleasing to the eye. In spite of this and being at the mercy of circumstances, my curious mind led me to explore business economics, music, writing and computer science not only in school but as hobbies, which I soon discovered were not new interests but relatives of my true calling — design.

Design, to me, is the process and result of improving the lives of people through intuitive products, services, systems, and spaces. Design is bigger than the architecture of buildings and spaces. Design involves effective communication, a great user experience of a product or service, a well-crafted space among other thoughtful creations that spawn from the needs of the end user(s).

I believe that achieving this ability to create requires perfect practice and, depending on interest, experience in different aspects of design. I am an avid industrial design enthusiast and an appreciator of UI design, UX design, and IxD. From a computer science and business administration background and with a start as the Design Making Coordinator at the Ashesi Design Lab, I am eager to grow the skills and expertise I need to establish and pursue this passion of mine and especially become a skilled creator in this field.