Vibes. Energy. Aura.

These are quite close to describing the feeling or essence of an environment, situation or projection that people give off consciously or otherwise. I do not know of anyone who is able to choose how others feel about their actions or words. If you are that outlier or happen to chance upon any superhuman of this nature, please share the secret. Many believe that if you give off good vibes, karma is tasked by some unspoken law to ensure you receive good vibes in full equitable payment. In other words, a life hack to success in the experience of vibes. I am as ignorant as the nearest bloke. I have been on both the giving and receiving end of the vibes spectrum and still can’t verify without reasonable doubt that vibe in equates to vibe out. So why waste both our times on this written exposition? Well, Let’s just say I became enlightened overnight.

One. Let the sun have its moment; the moon will come (Jacob Banks, Slow Up | Village). There may not be a scale of moral justice that weighs how you make the people around you feel or the energy you give off to others and reciprocates to restore balance to the world. However, I believe even though the sun tirelessly rises and unevenly blazes a half of the globe every day, every soul would eventually benefit from a gradient of good vibes of the moonlight. Everyone gets a share of the cake, maybe, someday. It takes an open, patient mind to acknowledge and appreciate when it comes–to be hopeful.

Two. Perspective. Have you ever met a person who seems like they do not have a care in the world? Always in a golden jolly mood and would even send hugs and kisses in response to hate messages and death threats? These perfect beings genuinely give off good vibes and genuinely receive them in double portions. Yes, they cheat the system. And it is all about perspective. Call it what you want; delusional tendencies or true emotional blindness. These true saints, though may cry bullets and buckets in secret, actually take what ever comes their way as positive.

Finally, three. Have an outbox but no inbox. Always give and never receive. In my journey to enlightenment, this by far was the most potent of strategies to defy the laws of VIVO (vibes in vibes out). Ps. Keep your negative thoughts about my acronym to yourself. The few ones who have mastered this strategy don’t take BS even if they give BS out in truck loads. They are selfless in their selfish act of not caring about what others think, feel or project. They define altruism down to its etymological depths and maybe you should too. Disclaimer: if you’re branded a jerk or insensitive chum, wear your badge alone. Citations are prohibited and unwelcome.

I have tried and tested these three gems. I can conclude that each, used in moderation would ensure an everlasting experience of good vibes. On the other hand, you can follow the words of wisdom which hinge on faith and guts:

“…whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them…” – Matthew 7:12 NKJV

Your choice.

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