Your expenses outweigh your income—not all your fault. A huge percentage of your day is spent commuting which is uncomfortable mainly because 90% of the time in the mornings, you’re hoping you reach the bus stops on time to catch your means of transport. And at night, you’re praying that desperate hustlers don’t realize you’re a carrier of a vegetable laptop. When you get down to business, your laptop is so slow and worn out that you can literally hear the strained sound of your hard disk and fan spinning in distress to keep it alive.

Your phone? Oh yes, the only thing that makes sense in your life in terms of efficiency. You received it as a gift barely 2 months ago. You’re getting a better grip of your affairs with your improved self-management, communication and even entertainment—the result of over-reliance on technology… good technology. This feeling is yet still a fleeting one. Your One Plus One takes a dive into a pool of water (might have made Kendrick proud if it was liquor at least) and never lives again. Did I leave out that the slightly used replacement you got was only recently stolen while you were among a supposedly holy congregation, and that you spent way more than what could have been your tithe on reviving your dead laptop? Well, we’re all caught up on the highlights now so let’s ignore the nitty gritty.

I wouldn’t be quick to conclude that you’re back to the starting point. Rather, I’ll spare you a complimentary tap on the back and say you’re a true survivor! Maybe you are, or were this person at the beginning of this year, and may be wondering how in this world you had these numerous series of unfortunate events—especially when last year’s stories were comparably worse. The ideas you might be struggling with probably are that

  1. good stuff is not good for you, get some cheap ones
  2. life isn’t fair, let go of the lost opportunities and be satisfied with the little you don’t have, and
  3. quit making a big deal out of the crappy so-called “efficiency tools” whose absence take a toll on your productivity.

There it is again, the golden 6-letter question: settle? Maybe you should. Maybe you should forget about the days of fasting you’ve strategically planned for, when your stomach and weight would make sacrifices for the next One Plus flagship phone (“whose tagline, by the way, is “never settle”) that you hope to purchase. You probably should forget about saving up your coins for furthering your education and possibly move to a larger apartment with 24/7 running water and a standby generator. Yeah, and remember to keep that laughter rolling whenever your PC takes a cue from the daily power cuts to dispose of your unsaved work. Maybe you would find solace in a simple life without much to look forward to.

Yup. And on top of that, I dare say you settle on this as a concluding statement for this piece as I settle for this unsettling feeling I have to deal with. You’ll never know… things might just start to suck less than they normally would.

2 thoughts on “Settle?

  1. Oh, Carl, oh, Carl. I’m so sorry. 😦 I would give you a hug, as inconsequential as it might be in the grand scheme of things. I wonder if it would be of any advantage to you to know that I appreciate your struggle. 😦

    1. Thanks. The struggle was never as real as it is now. However, things get better by the day. And we’ll, settling for less is the worst thing to do. 😀

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