Apathy – A passive lifestyle: Part II

something I pulled off Google
something I pulled off Google

The auditorium was more populated now by people and a slowly growing pool. No one did as much as turn a head. They were crying for more blessings. And these are the people who would complain their country is in shambles, point fingers, some possibly might pray for the state of the nation and then say the leaders are doing nothing. But if our very people are too apathetic to simple challenges how much more the money/power hungry individuals amongst us who are ready to take on the vilification and propaganda of the media. They would only create the impression that things are being done while nothing actually progresses—we have 57 years of proof.

so my story continues…After 30 minutes of waiting, a fancily dressed man comes along with his iPad or some other tablet and takes a two minute video and some shots of the leakage. With no sense of urgency he looks around for more cases, finds none and saunters away. Mind you, the cleaner boy had still not arrived. 15 minutes down the line (now totaling about 45 minutes), a team of two men came to survey the place tiptoed over the lake, studied the source and looked busy about it. They took pictures too with smart phones while unconsciously disrupting the service. They left.

The long and short: nothing was done until an hour and 15 minutes later when three cleaners arrived and mopped up the water. It reminded me of the sinking ship metaphor used to describe the difference between conservatism and liberalism I learnt in Social Theory class. The metaphor was an illustration of the reactions of proponents of these opposing political views that would have ensued if they were on a proverbial sinking ship in the middle of the ocean. The conservatives would patch up the cracks which let in the water to postpone the impending demise of all, whereas the liberals would dismantle the ship analyze the problem and rebuild it in the middle of the ocean risking the lives of others in the act. Here in the church, the sinking ship is the auditorium upside down; the rain—the ocean and the doers—conservatives (me, my brother and the 3 minute heroine). As for the liberals, we had none. The two photographers were potentials but they didn’t deliver. Well the theoretical relationship ends here…I just thought it was cools to link this to political theory.

All I’m saying is even in church, Ghana’s primary social center, is rife with apathy and stoic nonchalance to matters of the greater good. Everyone is selfish. Who should pick up the mop? Certainly not me, not while I am praying for a financial breakthrough. It’s in the DNA, hard coded passiveness to issues of society. This little event taught me how people had to be told what to do before they would move a muscle—the cleaner boy, and how much time and effort it would take to make Ghana what we want it to be. The leaders are part of us, in fact they are us…it is high time we picked up the mop and did something for the collective good.

Wow! This is the longest post on my blog, coming in two parts. If you reached this far (without skipping) then either you love reading or don’t want to hurt my feelings when I ask you. Thanks and tell me what you think.

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