"Beyoncé y3 illuminati."

This came out of the blaring radio in a trotro. The afternoon was hot and I was on my way to withdraw some few cedis from my scanty bank account. My pockets were dry and I didn’t even wield a wallet. In this dire financial situation of mine, this statement snapped me out of my sad reverie/reflection into the bustling life in the disorganized and filthy surroundings of atomic roundabout. Apparently, there was a heated argument on this local radio station as to whether or not Beyoncé was a member of the secret society, Illuminati.  The altercation was in Twi, a common local dialect. I was totally baffled at the way the lady’s voice defended her proposition that the famous black American pop artiste had Satan as the source of her success in music. I looked around me, through the windows of the now stationary vehicle, in an attempt to find an ounce of a link or relation that this gossip had with our lives as hustling Ghanaians. And till this day I still search. I used to blame and criticize our incompetent leadership for the appalling and retrogressive state of the environment and economy of Ghana. I wrote about these issues in almost all my academic papers and no doubt was awarded good grades in effect. I still do anyways but realized there are more powerful but irresponsible players in this one-sided political game-the media. With the power and influence over the thoughts and actions of the population at large, the media is the best tool to change the mindset of Ghanaians. However, the status quo suggests this fourth “arm of government” is either ignorant of the power they wield or have no value for it. There are more pressing issues and concerns of Ghanaians that need to be brought to the notice of our leaders, however skilled they are. The need for better education systems to make our citizens better thinkers rather than blind partisan believers which the rote learning our schools encourage make us. After thousands of graduates make it through their university education they are faced with the harsh live of redundancy on the pothole-filled streets. There are hardly any policies which support the employment of these many in the corporate world. Even more depressing is the inability of these graduates to notice the opportunities in the challenges they face in order to establish companies of their own. At the same time numerous foreigners saunter the streets of our city and live our dreams, carrying buckets loads of cash out of the country on daily basis. Even if you cannot capture the important things which would encourage the development of the infrastructure or institutions in the country, the least you could do is attempt to educate the general public; remind them of the need to avoid throwing trash through their windows when driving; the importance of saving energy in home; ways to prevent fire outbreaks; how to dispose of non-degradable waste;–the list is endless. We should prioritize effectively. If the job of development was to solely be the duty of the greedy leader, we would wallow in complaint and squalor for the rest of our poverty-stricken lives. Wasting air waves on useless gossip won’t change a thing!

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